WiFi Radiations | Tips to Prevent yourself

WiFi Radiation

Most wireless devices like Wi-Fi and microwave devices radiate radio frequency (RF) radiations. These devices are active as well as emits 24/7 harmful radiations. The use of WiFi is very common now a day. Whether home, library, restaurant or any public place there is not any place where you can stay protected from the rays. This article illustrates the harmful effects of WiFi Radiation and how to protect yours from them.

A number of WiFi radiations are less but experts still consider them dangerous to health. These rays can pass through the wall of concrete, so it can easily pass through the human body. Due to Wi-Fi radiation, you may feel tired all the time and appears to have poor health. This also causes lack of sleep, rapid heart rate and sometimes migraine disease.

Research has proved that contend with the Wi-Fi radiation for a long time causes Memory loss, brain tumor, and other brain-related diseases. Adults, as well as children, are also affected by these radiations. So it is important that to understand the losses of Wi-Fi radiations, it is best to avoid health problems causing by them.

wifi router radiationHow to Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation?

You probably cannot escape the effects of WiFi because you are exposed to the WiFi in your nearby, the workplace, the shop, restaurant, even on public places so this is not easy to hide from radiations of Wi-Fi. But you can reduce them by adopting some precautions.

  1. Damage Ethernet cable may cause of RF radiations. You must use the right Ethernet cable. Cat 6a is the best choice for overcoming this issue.
  2. Use the wired keyboard, mouse, printer, and scanner and else whatever you have to connect to your PC.
  3. Ensure that you have a maximum distance between you and your wireless router connection without reducing performance.
  4. If you’re not using WiFi, turn it off.
  5. USB Adaptors reduce the risk significantly.
  6. Some energy devices are there in the market which claims that neutralize the Wi-Fi radiations.

Benefits to protection from WiFi danger radiation:

  1. Have Energetic mind and soul
  2. There is no metallic taste in the mouth.
  3. Skin feels softer and less prickly
  4. Feeling relaxed and have more sleep
  5. Calmness in your mind

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