Health Benefits of Strawberry Fruit

Strawberry Fruit

Indeed, the red fruit (Strawberry) is as beautiful to watch as equally beneficial for physical health. If you do not like strawberry before, you should like it after reading the benefits of strawberries. It is delicious and full of sap and juice.  There are several health benefits of strawberry fruit. It gives vitamin C and many antioxidants to the body. Some of the benefits surely will surprise you.

Strawberry Health Benefits & Nutrition

Healthy Immune System

According to the medical experts, Strawberry is the best source of vitamin C. Human body doesn’t have the ability to make this vitamin itself. So, it is very important to get it from food. Vitamin C strengthens our immune system.  According to the study of the University of California, if we take some amount of strawberry daily in food for few weeks, the power of anti-oxidant becomes part of our blood which can make our immune system healthy.

For Eye Health

Strawberry fruit is rich in antioxidant can help to prevent from Eye Cataracts which may cause of blindness in old age. Our eyes need vitamin C to avoid the effects of sun’s ultraviolet rays.  These rays can damage proteins of eyes. Vitamin C also strengthens the eye veil.

Useful against Cancer

Vitamin C is a factor which is helpful for preventing cancer. Due to a healthy immune system, it defends your body more strongly from diseases. According to a research, Ellagic Acid which is found in Strawberries, have anti-cancer properties. This can also prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Resistance to Bad Cholesterol

Heart disease is the major cause of death in the world. Strawberry fruit has also the ability to improve the health of the heart. Ellagic acid and flavonoids provide an antioxidant effect which can improve the health of the heart. These can also counter the effects of bad cholesterol in the blood that lead to thickening of blood in vessels. According to a Canadian study use of strawberry in food gives protection from heart disease and diabetes.

Reduce Swelling

Antioxidant and other components which are present in Strawberry fruit may helpful to reduce the swelling of joints. According to the study of Harvard School of public health, those women who eat 16 or more strawberries in every week may reduce 14% risk of swelling in joints.

benefits of strawberriesTo Regulate Blood Pressure

Strawberries contain potassium which is a health beneficial component. This can help to control the blood pressure and also it reduces the level of high blood pressure. Strawberry fruit declares as best fruit because it can regulate the blood pressure, give protection to swelling and also resist to the bad cholesterol.

Strawberry Fruit helps to increase Fiber in the Body

Fiber is essential to digest food. Strawberry fruit also contains some amount of fiber naturally. Lack of fiber in the body may cause constipation and intestinal swelling. Fiber also fights against Type-II Diabetes because it slows down the process of absorption of sugar in the blood.

Useful for body weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the best defense against Diabetes Type-II and cardiovascular diseases. Strawberries are naturally low calories fruit. It doesn’t contain fat and the amount of sugar and salt is very low. So, this can helpful to maintain the normal weight.

Helpful during Pregnancy

The advice is usually given to the pregnant woman to use Folate (is one of the B vitamins) and the strawberries are the best means of achieving this. Folate is considered as the essential component for the baby’s brain, skull, and spine in the early stage of pregnancy. Use of strawberry fruit may also help to reduce the specific birth defects.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers should also consult your doctor in this respect.

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