“Fruit of Angles” Papaya Fruit Health Benefits

Papaya Fruit

Papaya fruit has the unique fragrance, blooming color, and sweet fleshy fruit. Famous adventurer Christopher Columbus was called this fruit “the fruit of angles”.  It is true if you look at the nutritional value of papaya.  The papaya fruit is scarce and rare in the past. But now it is available in almost every corner of the world throughout the year. Papaya fruit is used in both raw and ripens form. It is of invaluable benefits for human health in both cases.

Papaya Nutrition Facts

Papaya contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and other numerous minerals. A small amount of this fruit can meet the daily need of vitamin C of the human body. One small size papaya (raw) of the weight of 100 grams contains the following nutrition;

  • Energy                                                                   179KJ (Kcal)
  • Fat                                                                          0.26 grams
  • Cholesterol                                                           0 milligrams (0%)
  • Total Carbohydrate                                             10.82 grams
  • Dietary Fiber                                                        1.7 grams
  • Sugars                                                                    7.82 grams
  • Protein                                                                   0.47 grams


  • Calcium                                                                  20 milligrams (2%)
  • Iron                                                                         0.25 milligrams (2%)
  • Magnesium                                                           21 milligrams (8%)
  • Phosphorus                                                           10 milligrams (1%)
  • Potassium                                                              182 milligrams (4%)
  • Sodium                                                                   8 milligrams (1%)
  • Zinc                                                                         0.08 milligrams (1%)

Vitamins in papaya

  • Vitamin A                                                               47 micrograms
  • Beta-carotene                                                        274 micrograms
  • Lutein-zeaxanthin                                                89 micrograms
  • Riboflavin (B2)                                                      0.027 micrograms
  • Vitamin K                                                               2.6μg (2%)
  • Folate                                                                     38 micrograms
  • Vitamin C                                                               62 milligrams (75%)
  • Vitamin E                                                               0.3 milligrams (2%)

papaya tree

Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Due to the low amount of sodium, calories, and starch, there are numerous benefits of papaya fruit. Some of them are described here.

Papaya helps in digestion

Special enzymes in papaya help in digestion. This is only due to the presence of “papain enzyme” which is considered important for the digestion of proteins. According to a study at the University of Illinois, to improve the digestion of proteins, the best fruit is well-ripe papaya. In addition, Papaya fruit is helpful in stomach problems and other common diseases such as indigestion and intestinal problems.

Papaya protects you from Cancer

In papaya, a very important chemical “Lycopene” is present. Due to this lycopene, papaya is considered important to provide resistance to cancer.  Lycopene prevents the spread of prostate, lungs, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, breast, and stomach cancer.

Papaya for Bright and Healthy Eyes

Carotenoids in papaya play a key role in maintaining eye health. The eye of the people who eating papaya regularly preserves from weakens with aging.

Use papaya to get rid of from parasites in stomach

According to experts, the papaya fruit and its seeds do amazing work against the worms in the stomach. This claim has been confirmed by various investigations that the worms in the stomach will be eliminated of those children who eat papaya fruit and its seeds for 7 days regularly.

Papaya for Shining skin

Papaya fruit is full of Beta-carotene and lycopene. This is also useful for skin which is most important part of the body.  Not only can many benefits achieve from eating papaya, but it also very beneficial for the skin to put on.  Papaya juice is helpful in cooling the affected skin from the sun’s rays and creates new cells. The raw papaya pulp is also the best for skin exfoliation (Cleaning of skin). This is because many soaps, face wash, and hand wash use papaya.

Papaya can reduce the risk of Stroke

Due to the presence of various enzymes and chemical elements, papaya also helpful to reduce the heart attack risk.  For the healthy heart, the seeds of papayas are also very good to use. Papaya fruit is also a good source of fiber. So, it can help to control the cholesterol level in the body.

Note: Experts instruct to the Pregnant and lactating mothers that they avoid the use of papaya.  While adopting special precautions when you use papaya’s seeds. The excessive use of papaya seeds can be bad for health.

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