Mango Fruit – Health Benefits, Nutrition & Calories

Mango Fruit Health Benefits

Mangoes have a high value in the world. The people of South Asia say “mango health benefits King of Fruits” to Mango.  The fruit king “MANGO” is famous in worldwide for its delicious flavor. Everyone convinces from its delightful flavor and sweetness. According to experts, there are also a lot of health benefits of mango. Mango fruit health benefits include almost all important vitamins and minerals. Through eating mangoes, we can get rid of various diseases.

Nutrition Facts Mango Fruit

Mango fruit Nutrition in one big size mango which is about 336 grams in weight contains the daily value of different nutrition in percentage as follows:

Nutrition In Mangoes% value in Daily Diet
Calories in Mango fruit201
Cholesterol 0 milligram (0%)
Total Fat 1.3 grams (2%)
Saturated fat0.3 grams (1%)
Poly-unsaturated fat0.2 grams
Mono-unsaturated fat0.5 grams
Total Carbohydrate 50 grams (16%)
Dietary fiber 5 grams (20%)
Sugar 46 grams
Sodium3 milligrams (0%)
Potassium 564 milligrams (16%)
Protein 2.8 grams (5%)
Vitamins in Mango Fruit
Vitamin A 72%Iron 2%
Vitamin C 203%Calcium 3%
Vitamin B-6 20%Magnesium 8%

mango health benefits

Mango Fruit Health Benefits

Modern scientific research also acknowledges the benefits of mangoes.

Cancer Prevention

Mangoes Fruit health benefits – It contains different mineral and chemicals such as Quercetin, isoquercitrin, Astragalin, Fisetin, Gallic acid, and Methyl gallat. Some researchers also believe that mango can keep safe from some types of cancers.

Control cholesterol

In mangoes, Vitamin C, Pectin, and fiber are present in large quantities. These can help to reduce levels of serum cholesterol. Fresh mangoes are also rich in potassium and sodium that are considered essential to maintaining the physiological function of the cell.

Control Diabetes

Although mango sweetness is not good for a person with diabetes. There are enough vitamins and mineral which can moderate blood glucose levels. Mango fruit health benefits have low Glycemic Index (GI) which is about 41 to 60. So, sugar level will not increase if you eat little more mangoes.

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For Eye-care

One mango from 100 to 200 grams provides 25 percent of your daily need of the vitamin A and retinol. While it is useful for better eyesight. Mango Fruit Health Benefits can also save you from night blindness.

Better digestive system

Mangoes are full of prebiotic fibers. They increase the production of such enzymes which can help to break down proteins. Thus, it helps in the digestion and absorption of food.

Prevent heatstroke

In the summer season when the burning sun is above you, you must take a little water and a little Carrie (Mango Fruit Health Benefits) juice with ice cubes, you will quickly cool. This can also protect you from heat stroke. This is particularly beneficial for the children who are exhausted by the heat, come home from school in the afternoon.


Presence of mind and Better memory

Are you preparing for exams? Eat a mango because they are filled with glutamine. This is useful and essential amino acids for brain and memory.  Those children, who face difficulty in paying attention to the studies, feed them mangoes. While this would be a great help in this issue.

A large amount of Iron

Mangoes are rich in iron. This fruit leads to help the people who are suffering from anemia. Pregnant women or the women who are suffering from menstruation should eat the mangoes. It will also increase calcium levels as well as iron in them.

Prevention of kidney stones

In Chinese medicine, Mangoes are considered as having the ability to reduce the risk of kidney stones. So it is also beneficial for the kidney health.

A Better Snack

Instead of eating unhealthy chips and cookies, why not go for the enjoyment of eating sweet mangoes. They also help to strengthen your teeth, improve the bones and soft tissues. These can also help to keep your skin fresh.

Useful for immune system

The Mango Fruit Health Benefits with enormous amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A, there are also 25 different carotenoids. These can also help to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Note: This article is for general knowledge. Readers must consult your doctors before adopting it.

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