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What is Jailbreaking?

Many devices like Apple iPhone are here in the market with Digital Rights Management (DRM). The advantage of DRM software is to improve the security of the device or prevent the user from installing the unofficial software from the company. Jailbreaking or device hacking is actually taking advantage of flaws in hardware or software to get root access to its operating system. The users who are familiar with Linux and UNIX may know, when anyone can get the root access, he can easily control your whole system. After getting the Root Access, Limitation by DRM can be removed and use it illegally.  You can also use it according to your mood by changing device operating system settings.

The word JAILBREAK is introduced by the hackers of iPhone. Jailbreaking is to get rid of iPhone from iTunes also. In 2007, when iPhone was launched, the jailbreak software was also introduced. Apple iPhone and JailBreaking is inextricably linked to each other but it is not limited to only iPhones. Now a day iPads, iPod touch, and apple TV also jailbreak.

jailbreaking rooting

Jailbreak iPhone

With PANGU software, you can jailbreak iOS 9. PANGU is available for Windows and also for OS X. Jailbreak is compatible with all iDevices which are running on iOS 9 including iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. PANGU is not supported for iOS 9.1 at this time.

How to jailbreak iPhone?

For jailbreaking iPhones, you just follow these steps.

  1. First of all, make backup your iOS device. For this, go to Settings then tap on iCloud. Here is the option for Backup. Select backup now.
  2. From your device, disable the passcode if any. For this purpose, go to Settings and tap on Touch ID & Passcode. From here you can disable the passcode.
  3. The third change to your device is to changing the mode. You must enable the airplane mode. Swipe up on the screen to open the control center and select the airplane icon.
  4. After making these changing to your device, download PANGU to your PC. You also need the iTunes. If you don’t have, download and install it also on your PC.
  5. After installation of PANGU tool, open it. Now plug in your that iOS device which you want to jailbreak.
  6. PANGU recognize your device after plugin. Now you select “Start” option and click “Already backup”.
  7. After a while, your device will reboot. PANGU tool will ask you for Airplane mode. Change the mode to the airplane, so the software will continue.
  8. A little bit later, PANGU tool again asks you to open the PANGU app on your iDevice’s home screen.
  9. Open the app on the home screen of your device, and give it access to your photos.
  10. After this, your device will reboot again. Now disable the Airplane mode. Open Cydia for downloading and installation of applications. Finally, your device is jailbreak now.

Jailbreak android Phone

android root

Some people say the hacking of Android’s devices is jailbreaking which is not true. For these Devices, the correct word is rooting for getting the root access. However, the method and name are different, but the purpose is same which is to getting whole control to the device. KingoRoot is very useful software for jailbreak your android device. This tool is one-click jailbreak tool. It is also very easy to use. The whole method is discussed below.

How to jailbreak android?

  1. Download and install the PC version of KingoRoot Android.
  2. After installation, run the program by double-click on the desktop icon.
  3. Plug your Android device Via USB cable into your PC.
  4. Now enable USB Debugging mode on your Android Device.
  5. Read the notifications carefully and follow them. Rooting the android device is not a big issue but neither a small also. While You are in a big trouble or your device will be in offline mode if you don’t follow the instructions.KingoRoot
  6. When your mobile is connected to PC and KingoRoot access it, there is an option of Root. Click “ROOT” to root your android device.
  7. After a while, your device is successfully Root or jailbreak.
  8. Finally, check the Root status of your device. There will an app named as SuperUser after successful rooting.

Benefits of Jailbreaking / Rooting:

  1. Uninstall bloatware
  2. Remove or block ads
  3. Flash a custom ROM
  4. Save battery life

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