Increase Wifi Speed

How to Increase WiFi Speed?

While using WIFI, there is a problem facing many of us is weak signals. In some rooms, the signals are very good but in other, these are weak. Besides that, signals at different times of day also behave differently.  This article illustrates the method of finding this fault and also make it correct easily and increase WiFi speed. So you can easily use WIFI internet in any area of the house.

Increase Wifi Speed

Speed Test of WiFi:

Some things that affect the speed of WIFI, for example, thick walls, furniture, power cables, and other electrical devices especially microwaves. So this is the first priority to check the speed of WIFI internet in the different area of a house. For this purpose, use the web version of speed test of the internet from your laptop or mobile. This test will show you the PING TIME. Ping time means how you connect to any website and how much time is required to respond to you by any website. This test also shows the downloading and uploading speed. There are some applications also available for checking the internet speed from your android phone and laptop.

This is very important to check whether your WiFi router is placed at the right place or not. For this, use WIFISONAR App. This application helps you to make a better decision about the placement of WIFI router. This gives louder or dim beep when the signals are strong or weak accordingly.

speed test

Increase WiFi Speed

Method 1: Change the WiFi Channel

Make sure that your WiFi is not broadcasting on the same channel on which the other nearby WiFi router is broadcasting. With WIFISONAR, you may check the empty channel and shift to there. Most of the routers occupy 11 channels. For changing the channel, access the router’s web. Check from here that which channel is selected. For the best selection of the channel, you must select the AUTO option.

select channel

Method 2: Different Versions of Router

You must check the version details of WIFI router when you buy it. There are many versions of the wireless network. The versions show their identity by letters like a, b, g and n. The latest version is 802.11n. Every latest version is more efficient than the oldest one. For fast speed, you must have a fast speed router.

Method 3: Use both Bands of Frequency

Don’t leave the WIFI router at the mercy of its default settings. For fast internet, you can make some changes to it. Some routers can work on two different frequencies like 2.4GHz & 5GHz. Every channel is specific for nearby frequency. It means there are two networks at the same time. One network for the lowest frequency and other one are for fast frequency. You select 5GHz frequency, If you want fast speed like for video streaming etc.

Selection of band


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