Why Phalsa / Falsa Fruit (Grewia Asiatica) is Good For Your Health?

Surprising Health Benefits Falsa Fruit

The sun sends down the fire as well as summer intensity growing with each passing day. This season also brings different delicious fruits. And it will not be wrong to say that many people will be there who say that Falsa Fruit is one of their favorite fruit. Falsa fruit is very popular in continent Asia. It has great importance because of its refreshing flavor and health benefits. Its scientific name is Grewia Asiatica. While Falsa fruit belongs to the family of Tiliaceae.  The height of Falsa tree is about 4 to 8 meters. Its leaves are like the heart shape. The length of Falsa leaf is about 20cm and width is 16.25cm.

Falsa Fruit Health Benefits

You can enjoy it in so many ways. Make the juice of this fruit, or eat them raw, Falsa fruit comes for a few days and make the taste of mouth better.  In fact, it is not less than any super food. Some of Falsa benefits are as follows.

Falsa Fruits benefits for stomach

Falsa juice is excellent for digestion. According to the Encyclopedia of World Medicinal Plants, Falsa / Phalsa not only keep the digestive system functions in the control, but it also covers the shortage of water in the body. According to some experts, it is possible to cure stomach pain after drinking falsa juice. Add 3 grams of roasted carom seeds into 25 to 30 milliliters falsa juice and warm it.

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Falsa Fruit benefits for diabetes

Usually, there is negligible sweetness in Falsa. According to the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Falsa is a fruit with low sugar. So, it means that the victims of diabetes and the patient with cardiovascular diseases can enjoy this fruit without any risk.

Falsa Fruits benefits for heart

It is said that Falsa fruit help to relieve swelling. This makes it useful fruit for a healthy heart. A pinch of black pepper and salt mix with 50 milliliters of Fasla juice and drink it. This recipe may help you in swelling but it is not a substitute for any medicine or doctor advice. So, before using it, you must consult your doctor.

Falsa fruit

Falsa Fruits benefits for cancer

This fruit is rich in antioxidants. With its use, the risk of cancer can be reduced. These antioxidants make this fruit as a great antidote for all the harmful food which we consume. See also about Benefits of Mango

Falsa Fruit health benefits keep you young

The natural Purple color of Falsa Fruit is due to an antioxidant. It is full of anthocyanins – A Chemical. While the anthocyanins help to protect the collagen which makes the skin flexible.  Falsas also use for purifying the blood which causes clearing out the skin.

People of every age eat Falsa fruit with great interest. It contains 81% of water, proteins, fats, fiber, and Starches. Falsa is a fruit which has a lot of health benefits and nutrition. In summer, this fruit is a great blessing of Nature for us. So eat falsa and drink its juice to live healthily.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers must consult your doctors before any experiment.

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