Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Energy drink side effects

US experts have warned that use of energy drinks in abundance can disturb your heartbeat. And these drinks can also increase blood pressure temporarily. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other soft drink makers are also making energizing drinks. The Red Bull, Rockstar, Hansen’s Natural, drinks and Monster like energy drinks has made its place in the market at high speed. The use of energy drinks increases in worldwide day by day. It is also confirmed by a study that the effects of energy drinks are slightly different from caffeine drinks. It can also increase blood pressure. This article is about the study of Energy drink side effects, Energy drinks chest pain, and other Dangers of energy drinks.

Energy drinks makers claim that sugar, caffeine, and herbal are the ingredients of energy drinks. Due to these ingredients, it can also effect on heart activity and disturb the heartbeat.  So, it could also potentially dangerous and this can count as side effects of energy drinks.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks

According to American Heart Association research in which they added those people who are about 18 to 40 years old and drinks energy drinks in large numbers. Those are distributed in 2 groups. In 1 group, they distribute a beverage which contains 150 mg of caffeine, 108 grams of sugar and different herbs. While to the second group, they distribute 320 mg of caffeine, 40 ml of green lemon juice and 140 ml cherry syrup with mixed in carbonated water. In next 6 hours, the blood pressure of group ONE member’s increases. It is also checked by ECG that there is a difference of 10 milliseconds of cavity interval of the heart. Its means the heart rate increased.

Energy drink side Effects

Energy drinks chest pains:

American Heart Association spokesman said that we take very less number of people in this study. And Before this study, we don’t know about their health and diseases they have. Therefore, he believes that mature and healthy individuals can use energy drinks. The spokesman also said that the heartbeat may disturb. It can also cause a potential risk of heart attack and stroke.

Dangers of Energy Drinks:

On other hand, Women expert of USAF Medical Center, California, that energy drinks have different effects from other soft drinks and caffeine drinks. So, the patient of the heart and blood pressure must avoid these drinks. And the healthy individuals also use them in very small amounts.

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