The Most Difficult Languages

The Most Difficult Languages to learn

Learning different languages is like an art. It causes not only your knowledge increases, but you can talk easily to the different countries peoples by learning different languages. Some languages are very easy; we learn them very soon without any difficulty. For example, the English language is considered the easiest language of the world. Everyone can learn about this with very ease. But, today we will tell you about the most difficult languages in the world.  Learning and speaking to these difficult languages is the hardest job. Which are these languages? Come lets us know them.

Hardest languages


About 5% of the population of the world speaks Chinese. It is declared that Chinese is the hardest language to learn. Except for China, The people of Taiwan and Singapore also speaks this language.chinese alphabets


Arabic introduced in the 6th century, speaks in many countries of the world.  This language is spoken in many countries of the world from the Middle East to Africa.Arabic Alphabets


Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. The vocabulary of this language has been borrowing from Chinese. Now a day, there are some words of Latin language is also used for tone and certain letters.Arabic Alphabets


Its common name is Siamese or Central Thai. Basically, this language belongs to Tai-Kadai language family. Most of the words of Thailand’s official language (Thai) are borrowed from Pali, Old Khmer or Sanskrit. Thai is also known for its complex orthography and markers.Thai Alphabets


This language is spoken in North Germany. Actually, it is an Indo-European language. Icelandic is biased by Danish and Swedish Language after the settlement of Americas.Difficult languages


The Albanian language is the old language. This language was first spoken by the people of Montenegro, Italy, and Greece.  It is an also Indo-European language. This is mostly spoken in Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and also in the Republic of Macedonia. While its vocabulary has no resemblance with other language and it is quite unique.Albanian Alphabets


It is the national and official language of Japan. This language is mostly spoken in East Asia and more than 125 million people can speak this language to interact with each other. Due to close resemblance to Chinese language, it is also considering as the hardest language of the world to learn and speak.



The Urdu language is the official language of Pakistan. While Hindi and Urdu have the close resemblance. So, People of Pakistan and India can understand both the languages easily. While the Urdu language is extracting from Arabic and Persian language.urdu


This language is spoken in Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan. More than 110 million people of the world can speak and understand this language. It is also considering as the most difficult language of the world.


This language has been lingua franca (speakers have different native languages but for communication, they use common language) of Indonesia for centuries. Indonesian is considering as the widely spoken language because Indonesia has the 4th largest population of the world.

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