Dental Care and Teeth Whitening

Dental Care to keep them strong

Teeth are very important part of our face. Usually, people take care of their whole body but they forget cleaning of teeth and nails. No matter how much good face you have, Yellow teeth destroy overall impression. So it is very important to take care of your teeth as well. The most dangerous disease of teeth is pyorrhea and its effect on all the body. The Pus has run out in the gums which go into the body with food causes of more diseases. Daily dental care cleaning and proper balanced diet are very important for good dental health.

Some Simple and Easy Precautions

Brushing teeth and floss twice in a day to keep healthy teeth are common suggestions and advice. But there are some simple precautions from which you can protect your teeth long. According to the American Dental Association, there are a few things by following them; you can save your teeth for long.

Do not bite nails: Experts say that not bite nails because this could damage your jaws and enamel protective layer.

Brush Softly: Do not brush teeth more strongly and intensively because it could damage the teeth and gums. It is better to clean teeth with a soft fiber toothbrush but don’t put pressure on teeth and gums.

Do not grind the teeth: Avoid grinding teeth, and also avoid the upper and lower jaws to rub on each other because it can be a cause of pain in jaws and also broken teeth.

Avoid ice: Avoid chewing or sucking ice. It’s cooling and hardness can break your teeth.

Stay away from sweet things: Avoid snacks, fast food, and sweet things. These items contain such components in abundance which causes the teeth to weaken and destroy in bulk quantities dental care and health. Make the habit to brush your teeth before sleeping at night.

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Food for Healthy Teeth:

  1. For good dental health, you must have mineral, Vitamin C, and calcium in your diet.
  2. Radish and Beet contain chlorophyll in extent which is very beneficial for the health of teeth.
  3. Add hard fruits to your food.
  4. If don’t brush your teeth after eating sweets, then sweetness layer stuck on teeth and become acidic. This can damage the Gums and the protective layer of your teeth. To keep your healthy gums, you must rinse your mouth with water after eating sweets.
  5. Branches of mint can be used as Toothbrush.
  6. If your teeth are bleeding, use the mixture of honey and olive oil to get rid of from pain.
  7. Their exercise is also very important to keep them healthy.
  8. For teeth whitening, add some salt and soda to your toothpaste.
  9. Rub Lemon peel to your yellow teeth for teeth whitening.
  10. If the dental problem persists after home remedies then you must concern with a dentist.

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