How to Change Hair Color in Photoshop?

Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Photoshop is the best tool for photo retouching. Many people are very much familiar with Photoshop. Here we go to learn about how to change hair color in Photoshop CS5 using a mask. After this simple tutorial, you will able to use the quick mask tool, blending mode and Hue / Saturation adjustments.

Step 1:  Run Adobe Photoshop CS5. Create a new document of 525×620 pixels with #ffffff color. You can create document according to your need.

Change Hair Color

Step 2: Select that photo of yours which you want to change the hair color and open it in Photoshop CS5.

Step 3: After opening the desired photo, Press D, and X from the keyboard for reset and swap the foreground and background colors. Now enter the Quick Mask Mode (Q). Use the soft brush to paint the hairs for changing the color.

quick mask mode

Step 4: After paint the hair, exit quick mask mode by clicking on quick mask mode tool. When you exit this tool, you can see the selected and unselected portions of the picture. The area where we painted is now turning into unselected. For invert the selection, we press Ctrl+Shift+I. Also, see Change Hair Color

photoshop cs5

Step 5: After that, create a new duplicate layer. For this, press Ctrl+J. In this layer, we can process as we want.

Step 6:  For open the Hue / saturation box, go the images > adjustments > Hue / Saturation (Ctrl+U). You can adjust the color it by using the slider. For making this picture more attractive, you can change the blend mode to soft light.

Hue saturation box

Final preview is ready to watch.


This is the simple and easy way to change hair color of any picture. Now you can make changes and be retouching the pictures of you and your family. I hope I describe the method well. If you face any problem or having any query please feel free and share your views here in the comment with us.

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