Why are Bananas good for you? 13 Amazing Banana Health Benefits

Banana Fruit Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Banana fruit is rich in nutrition and one of the most delicious fruits.  This is the favorite fruit of People of all ages. Banana fruit is a healthy fruit which contains minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantity. If you want cheap and full of energy diet, banana is the best choice for it. This fruit is ideal for any occasion including birthday parties and picnics. Eating banana daily can protect you from various diseases. According to Experts, The use of potassium-rich banana fruit can reduce the risk of death by 20 percent. So, it is sufficient to add banana fruit to your diet.

Nutrition Facts Banana Fruit

Banana Nutrition in one medium size banana which is about 118 gram of weight and 7 to 8 inches long contains:

Banana Health Benefits

Banana Fruit Health Benefits

There are countless benefits of banana. So, Following are some hidden benefits of Banana fruit which most people do not know.

Most Energetic Food – Banana Health Benefits

After you eat the banana’s pulp, you feel full of energy. That’s why the people, who are fitness enthusiasts, eat two bananas before exercise in order to produce energy inside. Blood sugar levels can be kept up by eating the banana. This fruit can protect muscle spasms during exercise. It also protects legs Stiffness at night.

Bananas Reduce Anxiety – Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are helpful to overcome disappointment and pleasant mood. This is because the presence of Tryptophan amino acid which is transformed into a crystalline. This Tryptophan crystalline brings a sense of pleasant mental state. Therefore, the bananas fruit get rid of your bad mood. Similarly eating bananas can reduce the impact of the change of seasons. The negative symptoms are less likely to be set to the physical and mental health due to eating bananas. This is because Banana fruit keeps blood sugar levels proper and reduce tension.  Its use during pregnancy can reduce the status of nausea.

Banana for Heart Patients – Banana Health Benefits

Potassium-rich bananas are the best source for safe yourself from low blood pressure, Heart attack and stroke. To stabilize blood pressure, Doctors not only proposes to use less salt but also recommend the use of potassium. In bananas Fruit, there is also present potassium, fiber, vitamin C and B6. These are considered ideal for the health of the heart.Banana for heart patients

Do Bananas Help you Concentrate? Banana Health Benefits

Eating bananas before the examination or any important presentation make you smarter. Potassium in bananas will make you alert, faster and smarter. So eat the banana daily and make yourself smart enough.

Banana Stomach Ache Cure – Banana Health Benefits

The starch and enzymes present in bananas are helpful in the digestive system and driven out the toxic effects of heavy metals softly. Constipation or stomach in disorder, banana can be useful. Bananas help to recover the digestive tract and restore electrolytes. It helps the development of Probiotics (friendly bacteria) in the stomach. Banana proves beneficial for stomach pain and heartburn.

benefits of banana

Banana Health Benefits – Are bananas good for weight loss?

If you’re keeping your weight in mind and still sugar demand is being felt, use banana sweetness. Low calories rich banana fruit is full of fiber which helps to slow down the digestive system. And you feel full stomach for more time. It also becomes less consumption of food.

Banana Benefits for Men

Potassium in banana fruit provides you a healthy heart and better circulation of blood. The use of potassium also controls the level of sodium and blood pressure. Hard men have the healthy hearts, so the banana fruit is very beneficial for men’s health. Banana fruit is a superfood for men because of, it contains a lot of nutrients and energy. It increases the oxygen flow throughout the body.

Banana Health Benefits – Banana for Stress Relief

The appropriate amount of potassium helps to normalize heartbeat by making it part of the body. This, in turn, helps to supply adequate oxygen to your brain. It also remains balanced the water in the body and keeps metabolic rate is ideal. All these elements create a sense of reducing the tensions within you.

bananas reduce anxiety

Banana Fruit is a Good Food for Eyesight Improvement

Bananas are the main source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene. These elements are helpful to stabilize the structure which is working to bring light into the cornea.  It makes your Eye-sight more efficient.

Banana Benefits for Skin

Banana fruit offers many benefits for your skin because of rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and moisture. This fruit can prevent your skin from aging effects and acne problem. There is potassium which moisturizes your skin. Zinc in banana fruit can fight against the germs which causing acne. Vitamin A in banana fruit smoothens your skin and avoid you from aging effects.

Are Bananas good for diabetics? Banana Health Benefits

It is very important for the diabetic patient to stabilize the blood sugar as possible. This control can help them to prevent from complications of diabetes (1, 2). Banana fruit contains carbs, sugar, and fiber. Carbs and sugar raise the level of sugar in the blood. So, for the diabetic patients, it is very necessary to manage it properly. However, the fiber can help you in digestion and absorption of crabs which reduces the blood sugar and beneficial for the diabetic.

Banana Benefits for Hair

Banana fruit is very good food for the hair growth. It contains vitamins, calcium, potassium and other nutrients which help to strengthens hairs. Banana fruit can also give your hair a silky and shiny look. It promotes great elasticity to hairs. The banana mask can help you to get rid off from dandruff and hair fall.

banana benefits for hair

More Banana Fruit Health Benefits

Apart from the amazing benefits of bananas, they are also excellent for overall health.

  • Banana contains Vitamin C which helps to prevent the formation of components which causes cancer.
  • The high amount of fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • It will also good to the victims of the lack of iron in the blood.
  • Eating a banana does reduce body temperature during the hot days.
  • During fever, it also makes you cool.

Note: This article is for general information only. Before following this, you must consult your doctor.

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