How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010?

Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using Internet & Telephone

Microsoft Office is a very essential and important tool for all personal and official work. It allows us to create word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets and many more. After installing, it is required to activate Microsoft office 2010 because without activation, you cannot use the full features of this program. If you do not register your program, it may be in reduced-functionality mode. Due to this, you cannot save the modification to your documents.

For activation, there is an activation wizard in office tools. For this, you must click on the start, go to the programs, point to the Microsoft office tools then click on activate product. So, there are two methods to activate Microsoft office 2010. One method is with the use of internet and while, the other one is the telephone.

Activate Microsoft Office 2010

By using internet

Step 1: After installation, open the Microsoft office 2010 application on your laptop or computer.

activate microsoft office 2010

Step 2: Open word help, or click on file and point to word help. It also opens by using Function key F1.

activate microsoft office 2010activate microsoft office 2010

Step 3: Now click on Activate Product key, the new window will appear that display activation wizard.

activate microsoft office 2010

Note: If your software has already been activated, Activation Product Key is not displayed in Help.

Step 4: To activate Microsoft office 2010 select the option using the internet.

activate microsoft office 2010

Step 5: In online activation wizard, follow the steps and activate your product. In these steps, you must need 25 characters key, your name, and contact information. It may be written on the packaging with Microsoft Office 2010 or you can also purchase it from the office store.

By using Telephone

Step 1: Click on Start > Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > Activate Product

Step 2: To activate Microsoft office 2010, select the option “Telephone activation is no longer support by your product”.

activate microsoft office 2010

Note: Therefore, you see the option that activation is no longer support, but you ignore this message and click on this option.

Step 3: Now click on country/ region.

activate microsoft office 2010

Step 4: Now you select your country from the list, phone number of product activation center will appear.

activate microsoft office 2010

You can also call product activation center, they provide the installation ID.

Note: The activation center will provide a confirmation ID that enters in the wizard, to complete the process follow the steps and select next. While, if activation fails, see troubleshoot activation errors.

Finally, your product Microsoft Office 2010 is fully active. Now you can use it with full features. Share this article also with others if you like this.

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