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Most Important 21st Century Inventions

There is no example of the development of science and technology in last two centuries. Over time it has reached its peak. No one knows how much this evolution will thrive more. The 21st century is of great importance in the evolutionary process in which the inventions radically changed the course of human life. Some important 21st Century inventions are as follows.

Bluetooth (2000)

Here is the 1st most familiar and most important invention of the 21st century is Bluetooth technology. It was invented in 1999 but not exposed in public. In the start of 21st century, the mobile phones and computers manufacturers adopted it. Now a day, with more connected gadgets, Bluetooth technology becomes an essential and important part of our daily lives.

bluetoothBluetooth: 21st Century inventions

iPod (2001)

Apple launched its portable MP3 version in 2001. Before Apple, there was the abundance of MP3 players had been invented. But the iPod was furnished with Apple’s iTunes software. This technology changed the way of listening music. Large memory, the smooth and shiny design of it attracts the people towards itself.


AbioCor Artificial Heart (2001)

In 2001, it was a revolution achievement in the field of medical when the AbioCor artificial heart was first time used to replace a human heart in an operation. It powers itself. This is completely unlike the previous attempts which need wires for power that increase the risk of infection.

AbioCor Artificial HeartAbioCor artificial heart

Skype (2003)

Skype developed in 2003 by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. It changed the way of communication across the border. Skype made it possible to talk even video chat to your family and friends who are abroad. Initially, it was available for desktop clients only. But now a day it can be use on mobile as well.

skype - 21st century inventionsSkype

Facebook (2004)

In 2004, Facebook was not the first social networking website. Before this, there was MySpace and Bebo for social networking. Facebook overcome to its predecessors only due to simplicity and easiness in use. While, in start, users had to have a registered university email address to become a member on Facebook. Today, Facebook has 1.86 billion users across the worldwide.


YouTube (2005)

YouTube was created in 2005 by the three employees of PayPal. This now becomes the world most famous video sharing website. While, By using this, users can upload their videos from anywhere in the world for free of cost. YouTube now becomes a mixture of the news event, music clips, political messages, hilarious blunders, and advertisement.


Apple iPhone (2007)

Apple iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone which could control by finger rather a stylus. Now Apple has sold over 900 million iPhones worldwide.

apple iphoneApple iPhone

Google Android (2008)

In the response of Apple iPhone, other mobile companies and manufacturers need an operating system which could compete with IOS. For this reason, they adopt Google Android. It was generally developed for cameras in 2005. But later on, Google had decided to launch it for mobiles in 2008. Now it is the primary OS for Samsung, Sony, LG, and HTC phones.

google andriodGoogle Android

Google Driverless Car (2012)

Another interesting and revolutionary concept of Google is the driverless car. Google launched it in 2012 in California but it is in testing level. Some news out that it would available broadly by 2018. This car has the top speed of 25 mph. If this concept takes off, it could transform the way we move in future.

google driverless carGoogle Driverless Car

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